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2022 Annual Update

Dear Contributors,

Thank you for your ongoing support of Grace Giving Globally. Your contributions are making a huge impact around the world by building the places and spaces in which churches and parachurch organizations operate!

We know it's been a while since our last update! We are proud to announce the completion of three more projects since our inception in August 2021, bringing our total impact to 4 projects across three organizations and two countries.


Kitchen Construction and Land Purchase | Store of Hope Orphanage

Bugiri, Uganda | August 2022 The kitchen construction project is complete! Formerly, the orphanage would cook food outdoors, resulting in the children going to bed hungry if it rained. Our funds provided for the construction of an outdoor kitchen with three wood-burning stoves. Completed May 2022. We contributed funds for the purchase of farming land to provide more food for the orphanage, which is a critical need given the increases in worldwide food prices. It will make them more independent allowing them to grow food for themselves with the ability to also sell excess to others. A 10 acre plot was identified and purchased which is same side of street as other land owned and close by. The farmland will also help the kids learn farming skills. Completed August 2022.

Covered Outdoor Playground | Fellowship of San Antonio San Antonio, TX | December 2022 We contributed funds to construct a children's playground for the Kids' Day Out preschool program at the church, which supports children aged 18 months to pre-K 5. The preschool provides a Bible-based curriculum in small class settings to that questions can be answered, struggles will be seen, and encouragement can be given easily. The preschool is provided from Mondays to Thursdays from 9AM to 2PM. The program is currently oversubscribed and the church is seeking ways to expand availability. Completed December 2022.


Church Building Foundation | Crossroads Christian Fellowship Schulenburg, Texas We are supporting the laying of the foundation for the new church building of Crossroads Christian Fellowship in Schulenburg, Texas. Construction has not yet begun. Well Borehole Project | Store of Hope Ministries Bugiri, Uganda We are supporting the construction of a borehole for a new well on site. Construction has not yet begun.


Church Building Construction | One Ekklesia Dumangas Dumangas, Ilo Ilo, Philippines We are planning to support the construction of a church building in the Philippines. This church plant ministers to refugees and children of refugees displaced during Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The proposed church building will be located across from an elementary school and will feature a large congregation hall and living quarters for the pastor's family and visiting missionaries.

 Proposed church building  Architectural Map  Proposed building facades

Requests As we continue to source for new projects to contribute to, please be in prayer that we will be directed to construction projects with a big kingdom impact.

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